Glitter ombre nails look sassy and chic at the same time. Currently nails are all about ombre.
So here is how you can achieve these easy glitter ombre nails in three different ways. And the tools that you need are already in your vanity.

GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!

Things that you need for this nail art are:

  • Any basic nail polish. I used a nude shade.
  • A glitter nail polish (with big or prominent glitter freckles).
  • Few cotton swabs/ear buds.
  • Eye-shadow sponge applicator.
  • Any makeup sponge or household sponge.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!
First apply a single coat of your basic nail polish and let it dry.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!

Pour a little amount of any Glitter nail polish of your choice on a piece of paper. Now take a cotton swab and dip it into the glitter nail polish.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!
Take the dipped cotton swab and start dabbing it gently towards the ends of your nails in order to transfer the glitter freckles.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!
Start with dabbing at the end first with more glitter and gradually decreasing the amount of glitter as you move towards the center. You don’t need to be very cautious of the pattern but make sure you dab only half the length of your nails for that ombre effect. Be gentle with dabbing as over pressing might disturb your base coat. 
This is how it should look like. Repeat it on the rest of your nails and you are good to go.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!

In place of cotton swabs, Eye-shadow sponge applicator can also be used in the same way.
Dip one side of sponge in glitter nail polish and dab dab dab!
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!
The sponge transfers glitter very well with less effort but might not create that gradual fade effect.
This is how it looks after being done.
You can compare the thumb done with the cotton swab to the index finger done with the eye-shadow sponge applicator for the ombre effect.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!

Makeup sponge or any household sponge can also be used for the same.
Dip it into the nail polish poured or apply directly with the nail polish applicator on the edge of the sponge and dab.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!
Sponge applies evenly and a thicker layer of glitter so this method saves a lot of time. But if not done gently it is bound to disturb the base coat. The ombre effect created with this method is perfect.
A con about this method is that you get a lot of glitter around the skin of your nails so it can be messy if used without a latex coat around.
This is how this method applies the glitter.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!
You can also use a top coat for an even look when the glitter dries.
My personal favorite method is using a cotton swab for better detailing followed by the sponge method.
I did the rest of my nails with sponge and Viola! salon style nail art done at home.
GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!

GLITTER OMBRE NAILS – 3 Different Ways!

I also tried applying the glitter from the nail polish applicator itself to check if it can be applied directly. No, it cannot be applied. The transparent base of  the glitter deposits like a blob when dabbed making the glitters float in it. The ombre effect cannot be created and also it increases the drying time.
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