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Today’s Blog post is about this Just Herbs Sun Protection Lotion. I came across this lotion sometime ago and I absolutely love this product. Let’s dive into the in-depth review of the product.

Just Herbs No Sun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturizing Sun Protection Gel Review

Rs. 495 for 100ml (on nykaa). Buy online  here.
Rs. 645 (on just herbs website)
P.S the prices vary on both the websites for nykaa might have an older stock and Just herbs have upgraded the prices as per GST too.

My Review:
Let me start by saying that I just love this product. It has a very liquidy lotion like consistency which means that it is great for oily skin. Infact, it works great on my oily skin. I sweat like negligible amount when I use this product compared to when I wear a normal sunscreen.

Just Herbs No Sun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturizing Sun Protection Gel Review

It is really moisturising in a way that it does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin. It just sinks into the skin right away. I love to use this with a drop of foundation, this way it becomes a tinted moisturiser and works amazing. Otherwise I also use this as a normal moisturiser, and the foundation glides on perfectly over it without feeling greasy. And this smells amazing, love the fragrance. It has SPF which means that it does gives a white-cast but it is negligible. I bet you will not be able to find out which hand i applied this lotion to in the picture below, it gets absorbed completely.

Just Herbs No Sun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturizing Sun Protection Gel Review

It never broke me out. Also considering the fact that I don’t have acne but my skin is sensitive and it does react to some products with minor breakouts.
The only complain I have with this product is that it just has SPF 20, which means if you want to really protect your skin from sun you need to apply this often. In this case, it would work great for sun protection during winters than summers. Other than this I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about this product.
I have used more than half of the bottle and a little goes longer as you need like just 2 pumps for your entire face.
Overall, I totally adore this product. It does not feel oily or breaks you out. Works great for people with oily and combination skin. I would recommend this product for people with combintion skin if you can reapply this often or don’t stay out longer. And I totally recommend this to people with extremely oily skin who cannot make any sunscreen work for them.

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