With summer kicked in, it is the time to start zipping up for the scorching sun and protect the skin from its aftermath. While the summer means no more hefty jackets, but the increasing temperatures really take a toll on your skin. The change in seasons does effect the skin, but little changes here and there are enough to get back on track with your healthy skin. I am sure like me, most of us are experiencing certain changes in our skin with the heat going up.

So here are a few tips on how to effectively change your skincare routine from winter to summer ready:

  • Clean up your stack: 
The first and most important step in switching back to your summer skincare products is to check for their shelf-life. With a good few months of winter, it is most likely that your summer skincare products would have been expired. So it is the time to stock up with new ones in case they are expired already. There are a lot of chemicals in your products, so it is really important to not use them beyond their expiry date. 
  • Switch your cleanser:
While winters are all about mild cleansing in order to retain the moisture in your skin, summers call for more potent cleansers. With oil and sweat, it is important to effectively clean the skin in order to prevent clogged pores. Also keep in mind not to use cleansers that are too drying, because it will make the skin to produce even more oil. Switch up he cleanser gradually and not just jump into more drying cleansers at once.
  • No more slathering of moisturizer:
Since summers are all about sweat and oily skin, it is the right time to switch heavy moisturizers with the light ones. Ideally one should not at once switch the moisturizer and dry up the skin. The skin needs a few days to get used to new weather, so try using light oil-free moisturizers for day time and then in a few days switch or remove the winter moisturizer from night routine.
  • Up your SPF game:
Winters can be well manged with a sunscreen of spf 30. But with sun at its mightiest in summer, it is indispensable to use atleast SPF 50 or more for better protection. UV rays not only burn or tan the skin, they are also responsible for skin cancer and early onset of aging. 
  • Scrub it off:
With change in season, the skin is bound to act up all crazy. Generally with the change of weather, the skin will show signs like flaking up, clogged pores, etc to name a few. Therefore, it is essential to inculcate the habit of scrubbing to remove the old dead skin and unclog the pores. I suggest not over- scrubbing at once.
  • Less is More:
Winters seem like a cake walk for people with oily skin, thus one can get away with using full coverage foundation. But for summer time, Less is more. Opt for something lighter like tinted moisturizers or BB creams to prevent clogging of pores and the cake face. A natural no-makeup look is anyway in trend.  
  • Mist up:
Always keep some refreshing face mist handy for fresh looking skin. With sweat and oil, face mists are the way to go.
  • Vitamin C is your pal:
Vitamin C based products are great for summer. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. With sun damaging the skin, Vitamins C is the key for glowing and healthy skin. One can also incorporate Vitamin C rich foods in their diets for similar effects.
These were a few tips to help you through summer woes. A healthy looking skin is a conscious effort one needs to make. Stay Fancy!
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